Rok Hecl - Visions Of Sound 020 [LIVE classics set] [Wednesday, May 31st, 20.00 CET]

    • Rok Hecl - Visions Of Sound 020 [LIVE classics set] [Wednesday, May 31st, 20.00 CET]

      Hi. 8|

      As usual I'm planning to do a live set for VoS episode 020, but this time with a twist! I'll be playing a classics-only set.

      Currently the date is set to Thursday, June 1st at 19 (1 hour before ASOT) or 20 CET (ASOT time).

      Would be great if you guys can join me! 8|

      P.S. Requests are welcome as always.


      Here are my requests:
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      Brainbug - Nightmare (Sinister Strings Mix)
      Brainchild - Hypnotic Shuffle
      Brainchild - Symmetry (C-Mix)
      Brainchild - Symmetry (P-Mix)
      Cygnus X [Anything by them will do :sun:]
      Chakra - Love Shines Through (Danjo & Styles Remix)
      Faithless - Not Going Home (Original Mix)
      Faithless - Tarantula (Original)
      Faithless - Tweak Your Nipple (Tiesto Remix)
      Faithless - We Come 1 (Album Version)
      Ferry Corsten - Sweet Sorrow (Ferry Fix)
      Ian Brown - F.E.A.R. (U.N.K.L.E. Remix)
      Icon - Desire (Icarus Mix)
      Joris Voorn - A Thousand Lost Souls (Original Mix)
      Marmion - Schonenberg (Original Mix)
      Mauro Picotto - Darkroom (Extended Mix)
      Odyssee Of Noises - Firedance (The Sunrise)
      Orlando Voorn presents Format #1 - Solid Session (Original Mix)
      Purple Haze - Eden (Original Mix)
      Richie Hawtin - Minus Orange
      Robert Miles - Children (Dream Version)
      Sebastian Brandt - Serenade (Original Mix) [preferably pitched up quite a bit in tempo, because of the ASOT rip I made of it years ago, I can't stand its originally slow pace :lol:]
      Simon Patterson - F-16 (Original Mix)

      System Eight - Adventure On The Rocks
      The Quest - Solitude (Original Mix)
      The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Ferry Corsten Remix)
      Tiesto & Ronald van Gelderen - Suburban Train

      Nothing by Alan Walker *frowns at Rokth*

      Will add more if I can think of any other specific ones :hm:

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      Pryda - Pjanoo
      Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin
      David West - Welsh Morphology
      Salt Tank - Eugina (Allende Remix) <-- does this count as "classic" tho?
      Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
      Art Of Trance - Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix)
      Above & Beyond - No One On Here (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
      System F vs Armin van Buuren - Exhale (pl0x)
      Lumaneary - Amsterdam (S&P or S8&T Remix)
      Selu Vibra - Divine
      Sensssssation - The Anthem 2004
      Stoneface & Terminal - Venus

      Great member Roth, requests were given by him
      Tune of May: Stoneface & Terminal - Hypogean :music:
      My latest mix: MixCloud | :deejay:
    • Looking forward to this. I will be there :D

      Here some requests:

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      DJ Jan - X-Santo (Transa Remix) <- one of my favourite Classics
      Freek Geuze pres. Oradea - Salt Lake (Club Mix) :love:
      Orbital - Halcyon and on and on
      Plastic Boy - Twixt
      Legend B - Lost In Love (Red Jerry's Mix)
      Paul van Dyk - I Can't Feel It
      Hibernate - Mane Sonitus <- I don't know if you can get this anywhere digitally in high quality. I only have a low quality vinyl rip from youtube :/
      Perpetuous Dreamer - Future Fun-Land (original or 2004 version) <- i love both versions.
      Quietman - Now & Zen
      Loveclub - The Journey
      Terra Ferma - Floating
      Valentino - Flying
      Hemstock & Jennings - Mirage (Of Hope)
      Mesh - Purple Haze
      Nu NRG - Bonsai
      Mike Foyle & Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk (Mike's Broken Record Mix)
      Sophie Sugar - Call Of Tomorrow (John O'Callaghan Remix)
      Cape Town - Proglifter

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    • Here are my requests.
      Corydalics - After Sun
      Kimito Lopez - Subrunner (Original Mix)
      Aspekt - Mobetta (Original Mix)
      Vincent De Moor - Fly Away (Original Instrumental Version)
      Robert Miles - Princess of Light (Original Mix)
      Circulation - Turquoise (Original Mix)
      Espen & Elusive - Albatross Confessions (Original Mix)
      Darude - Out of Control (Original Mix)
      Salt Tank - Phoenix (Allende Remix)
      Benya - Europa (Original Mix)
      Jay Lumen - Clear Memories (Ormatie Remix)
      Rio Addicts - Crossroads (Probspot Remix)
      Plastic Boy - Angel Dust (Original Mix)
      Kyau & Albert - Kiksu (Original Mix)
      The Signalrunners - Electric Sheep (Original Mix)
      Jaron Inc - Overflow (Original Mix)
      Current Favorite: Blufeld & Platunoff - Tiefe Gedanken (Alex Vidal Remix)
      Time Machine
      Darkboy Sessions
    • Thanks for tuning in guys! Here's the full tracklist:

      1. The Auranaut - People Want To Be Needed (Original Mix)
      2. Leama - Melodica (Original Mix)
      3. Quadran - No Air (Main Mix)
      4. The Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Brainbug Remix)
      5. Sinnead O'Connor - Troy (Push Remix)
      6. Sakin - Blue Sky (Original Mix)
      7. Saints & Sinners - Peace (Oliver Lieb Remix)
      8. Humate - Love Stimulation (Paul van Dyk Remix)
      9. Hemstock & Jennings - Mirage (Of Hope) (Lange Remix)
      10. System F vs Armin van Buuren - Exhale (Original Mix)
      11. Tomcraft - Loneliness (Tillmann Uhrmacher Remix)
      12. Chab - Tunneling (Original Mix)
      13. Star - Rock Rose (Filterheadz Remix)
      14. Union Jack - Cactus (Original Mix)
      15. Terra Ferma ft I-Ching - Obelix (Terra Ferma Remix)
      16. The Generator - Where Are You Now (Moonman Remix)
      17. M3 - Bailamos (Matt Darey Remix)
      18. Plastic Boy - Angel Dust (Original Mix)
      19. AR52 - Timegate (Original Mix)
      20. Natious - Amber (Oliver Lieb Remix)
      21. Poltergeist - Vicious Circles (Moogwai Remix)
      22. The Digital Blonde - Electra (Original Mix)
      23. Simon Patterson - F-16 (Original Mix)
      24. Lovechild - Liberta (Moonman Remix)
      25. Svenson & Gielen - Twisted (Original Mix)
      26. Dumonde - Let Me Out (Alphazone vs Ralph Novell Remix)
      27. Kai Tracid - Trance & Acid
      28. Union Jack - Cockroach (Original Mix)
      29. Terra Ferma - Lunar Sunrise (Original Mix)
      30. Phutura - Gitchie-Manidoo (Original Mix)
      31. Aida - Fear Of Love (Trance Mix)
    • Thanks a lot for another cool set Guin, had a blast! You were concerned about flow, I think you got it down pretty well though personally I wouldn't have minded if F-16 had been used as the starting point for another raw phase, and if it had been done a little earlier (like around track 20). Still, you pulled of a great set me thinks, and your knowledge and flow-matching of these old Classics is always impressive. Looking forward to VoS #025 :sun:

      As a bonus, I get to buy some new tunes as well 8-)

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