FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 (Russia)

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      Group A
      If Portugal are sending a full strength-squad (which will mean the majority of their Euro 2016 champions) they should be able to top their group quiet easily. Then again, that's exactly what everyone though of their Euro 2016 group and we all know how that ended :lol: Mexico should be their most problematic opponent provided "El Tri" are in shape, Russia could also be tricky with the home advantage (though truth be told, current crop isn't like the one that made it to the Euro 2008 semis) but New Zealand shouldn't pose any problems whatsoever.

      Prediction: Portugal as group winners, Mexico as runner-up.

      Group B
      I have no idea what to expect from Australia though I doubt they will be a match for Chile & Germany and Cameroon should lso be able to outclass them. I will rate Cameroon and Chile high on the base of their contential exploits (Chile winning the latest official Copa as well as the celebratory one, both in a row). Germany is always one to go far in tournaments but a colleague at work told me they seem to be giving zero f*cks about this Cup and will leave most of their experienced players at home. Though their youth teams are always pretty tough, I do feel this shifts the power balance in the group to favour Chile.

      Prediction: Chile as group winners, Cameroon as runner-up.

      Semi-Final 1 (Portugal vs. Cameroon)
      I expect a pretty hard match out of this one but possibly with some flair here and there from both teams. Wouldn't surprise me if Cameroon are the first to score with Portugal leaving it typically late to equalize and then settle the match in extra time.

      Semi-Final 2 (Chile vs. Mexico)
      I think Chile will outplay Mexico here and win by a 2 goal difference.

      Final (Portugal - Chile)
      I feel Chile will be another physically tough opponent for Portugal, and probably one with fast-paced attacks. They will either settle this final with a hardfought 0-1 or Portugal will take the lead first but end up losing the match in the latter stages. As much as I want Portugal to win another international trophy, I think Chile are just a bit too strong for them atm.

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