Saad Ayub - Remember [Flashover] [2017]

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    • Saad Ayub - Remember [Flashover] [2017]

      Making his grand debut in the Flashover Family, Bangladesh born Toronto resident Saad Ayub hits it big with Remember. Saad Ayub creates a euphoric blend of music to stimulate body and mind, combining the light and dark sides of the trance genre. Saad incorporates a distinctive pulsating sound that invigorates and creates a charged atmosphere, putting you into a highly euphoric state of trance.
      Remember is no different. Highlighting a killer vocal that propels the track towards infinite heights, the anthem like lead and driving percussion finish it off big.


      Label: Flashover (Cat#FLASH150)
      Release Date: 2017-08-07
      Purchase Link:

      Saad Ayub - Remember
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