Raigen Smash - Flavors Of Sin (Razormane Trance Tech Re-Edit) [2017]

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    • Raigen Smash - Flavors Of Sin (Razormane Trance Tech Re-Edit) [2017]


      Listen here:

      What I'd like to know from you:
      1) Do you prefer this version or the Deep Tech Rework I made last year? Why?

      The Story Behind The Tune:
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      Well, the story behind this edit is pretty simple: I wasn't satisfied with the melodies in the Razormane Deep Tech Rework. Deadline constraints didn't really give me the space to adjust them properly. As a result, I didn't feel the remix came across as a real "Razormane Remix". If you look at how I enhanced the original Distant Minds - 8 With A Line, you have the perfect example of what I think a true Razormane Remix should sound like. So yeah, that's why my FOS rework got Trance-Tech'd... :^)


      Let me know if you agree with me that this edit was necessary!
      NEW!! (24-11-2017)

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