Razormane - Darker Matters [2017]

    • Razormane - Darker Matters [2017]


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      What I'd like to know from you:
      1) What do you think of the beat?! Does it sound Techno-worthy to you?
      2) How about the breakdown? Does the track honor its name?

      The Story Behind The Tune:
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      It was a sweltering hot summer week in the tail-end of July 2015 when my sister sent me a link to OST of The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX: someone had put together all the various dungeon and area themes into one long vid. As I played it, I was instantly taking back to 1998, as I played through my first ever Zelda experience. It was just 8-bit beeps but holy shit, some arrangements in these tunes were amazing! The Dungeon Of Color and Turtle Rock themes had always been my favorite of the lot due to their hypnotic melodies evoking a sense of darkness and mystery truly befittig of end-of-the-game dungeons. As I was listening to them again after so many years, I could feel inspiration crawling up. I instantly started hunting down MIDI files and found both themes in MIDI format. I started playing around with both. But as always, as much fun as it might be to retouch an existing favorite work, matters become ever more fun when you make your own original works.

      And thus, Darker Matters was born. Mind you, the title is in no means a homage to Stranger Things: the series wasn't even being filmed yet when I came up with this title [twitter.com/Razormane/status/625956562968965120]. No, it was a subtle play on Dark Matter which, cool is it sounds, it's a pretty common title to use. My brother taught me very early how it mattered to have stand-out titles. At the time I'd often mock that idea as I felt titles should be "normal" but over time I came to understand what he meant. Add a little playful twist to Dark Matter and instead you get a title you can interpret in several ways AND -more importantly- you get a title that turns up in Google's first few search results. Yup. I hate marketing and everything it stands for but we can't live around it so.

      Anyhoo. Darker Matters was inspired on the Dungeon Of Color and Turtle Rock themes by having a simple lead arrangements stretched out across the duration of the track, with several variations. Obviously, when you make Trance, you will aim to add a dynamic to how these melodies interact. Originally the track was intended to have that Eye-Q vibe, you know Cygnus X/Brainchild style. But as time progressed I couldn't quite get the track right. By the time it was 2016, I had started experimenting with creating Techno beats. After a third tutorial or so, I suddenly got this interesting idea... What if... I built Darker Matters on a Techno beat? It would solve the problem of the underwhelming bassline and undecided direction I had for it (bar the breakdown, I wasn't really satisified with any segment of the track). And so I got down to it. It was a troublesome process and it took me a LOOOONG time to get everthing together and working well but the final result is no doubt the heaviest/darkest track I've made yet. The downside is that mastering wise, there are some iffy moments, especially in the breakdown. That said, as far as beats/grooves go, this is my finest effort yet and I am damn proud of it.

      Thanks again, sis and thank you too, Link's Awakening DX. :)


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      NEW!! (24-11-2017)