Gaia - Empire Of Hearts [Armind] [2014]

    • Gaia - Empire Of Hearts [Armind] [2014]

      "First played during his Armin Only -- Intense shows in Amsterdam, the long-awaited new Gaia tune remained a secret for months, leaving the fans guessing for months until he finally alleviated their growing anticipation. At A State of Trance 650 in Moscow, he revealed 'Empire Of Hearts', and its impact has been unreal. The follow-up to 'Stellar', 'Aisha', 'Humming The Lights', 'Tuvan' and the early classic '4 Elements' is every bit unique, carrying that special Gaia sound. It lures in the masses, and takes you when you least expect it. With a special Gaia set scheduled for Ultra Music Festival in Miami, be prepared for many more of Armin's Gaia madness to come."


      Label: Armind (Cat# ARMD1171)
      Release Date: 2014-03-10 (Beatport Exclusive); 2014-03-24 (All Portals)
      Purchase Link:
      01. BPM: 132 | G_Min | 03:16 | Radio Edit
      02. BPM: 132 | G_Min | 06:09 | Original Mix

      Additional Info:…biza-2014/release/6126730
      Written and produced by Armin van Buuren, Benno de Goeij and Mark Sixma.

      "Charged with the task of mixing Gaia, the enigmatic and all-powerful trance duo, Johann Stone took his responsibilities with the seriousness that they deserved. His remix keeps the spirit of the original alive and kicking, while packaging it in sound design that is the stuff of legends. This will bring Stone into the public eye, and rightly so!"


      Label: Who's Afraid Of 138?! (Cat# WAO138021)
      Release Date: 2014-05-18 (MB Bootleg) 2014-07-23 (JH Remix);
      Purchase Link:

      Additional Info:…one-Remix/release/5939804…i-Bootleg/release/6394458
      03. BPM: 132 | F#Min | 02:55 | Johann Stone Radio Edit
      04. BPM: 132 | F#Min | 07:16 | Johann Stone Remix
      05. BPM: 000 | 0_000 | 06:51 | Matt Bukovski Bootleg (unofficial)
      Written and produced by Armin van Buuren, Benno de Goeij and Mark Sixma.
      Additional remix produced by Jóhann Steinn Gunnlaugsson.
      Bootleg produced by Matt Bukovski.
      Track 3: ISRC-NLF711403159
      Track 4: ISRC-NLF711403158

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    • When it came out, I was already so disconnected from ASOT and Armin in general that I believe I had to run into it at Radio Rush to form an opinion on it. My very first impression was that this was the worst Gaia ever. That siren/pitch driven build-up was so Orjan/W&Wish that it pissed me off. And that main lead in the break was also very meh. But even then there was a part I couldn't help but slightly like: in the build-up you have that moment when this sort of chopped vox sample so rhythmically bounces around the track. The breakdown melody itself was also typically Gaia-epic. Until that main lead came in (which felt like throwing away all the hard work of that 2nd half build-up+break)...

      So for much of the past 12 months this has been my opinion on EoH. On the ASOT forum and among our group it has been crowned The Worst Of Gaia's as well. There was not a chance in hell this track could redeem itself could it?

      Enter ASOT #700 Sydney, the Gaia live act. True, it appeared on the Ultra 2014 performance as well and back there I remained indifferent to it but since I replayed this year's Gaia set far more often, I kept hearing EoH a lot more too. And at one point, I couldn't help but notice how much the smashing bassline in the main part really got me headbopping! And suddenly that main lead made much more sense. After many replays I can't help but say that this is not the worst Gaia ever for me. :pardon:

      I never should have taken that title from JEDT. EoH, at worst, is below Stellar and on par with HTL. If I am not careful though, it might grow into a guilty pleasure among Gaia's for me and then there is no telling if it might become the new mid-range Gaia for me. Oh the irony! :lol:

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