Armin van Buuren - EMBRACE [Armada] [2015]

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    • Armin van Buuren - EMBRACE [Armada] [2015]

      'Underlining his vision of blending a multitude of genres with his far-famed and distinctive sound, Armin van Buuren's fresh 'Embrace' album encompasses a musical adventure without borders. An endless universe of possibilities, waiting to be embraced. It explains how Armin van Buuren experiences a world full of music, approaching unexpected influences and inspiring combinations with open arms, and incorporating untraditional ideas in his music without deviating from his core sound.

      With 'Embrace', Armin van Buuren embraces a wide variety of musical styles and ventures where few dare to tread, using these unconventional sounds as ingredients to fuel his own sound. Ranging from the rocky sound of Kensington in 'Heading Up High' to the jazzy sound of Eric Vloeimans' trumpet in 'Embrace', Mr. Probz and his hip-hop voice in hit single 'Another You', and the singer-songwriter skills of Gavin Degraw in 'Looking For Your Name'; all are strongly intertwined with Armin van Buuren's meritorious endeavor.

      Let's venture into uncharted territory, starting this brand new adventure together. 'Embrace'.'

      Label: Armada (Cat# ARDI3610B)
      Release Date: 2015-10-29
      Purchase Link:
      01. 134 BPM | F#Min | 07:54 | Embrace (feat. Eric Vloeimans)
      02. 128 BPM | D_Maj | 04:54 | Another You (feat. Mr. Probz)
      03. 128 BPM | B_Maj | 04:55 | Strong Ones (feat. Cimo Fränkel)
      04. 128 BPM | B_Min | 06:36 | Make It Right (feat. Angel Taylor)
      05. 127 BPM | B_Min | 05:08 | Face Of Summer (feat. Sarah Decourcy)
      06. 128 BPM | E_Maj | 03:52 | Heading Up High (feat. Kensington)
      07. 130 BPM | D#Min | 06:41 | Gotta Be Love (feat. Lyrica Anderson)
      08. 128 BPM | G_Min | 05:46 | Hands To Heaven (feat. Rock Mafia)
      09. 132 BPM | D_Min | 06:26 | Caught In The Slipstream (feat. BullySongs)
      10. 128 BPM | G#Min | 05:19 | Embargo (with Cosmic Gate)
      11. 131 BPM | D_Maj | 03:19 | Free Fall (feat. BullySongs)
      12. 128 BPM | D#Maj | 04:55 | Indestructible (feat. DBX)
      13. 132 BPM | G_Min | 03:56 | Old Skool
      14. 130 BPM | E_Maj | 05:44 | Off The Hook (with Hardwell)
      15. 132 BPM | E_Maj | 04:53 | Looking For Your Name (feat. Gavin DeGraw)

      Additional Info:
      (p) 2015 Armin Audio B.V. under exclusive license to Armada Music B.V.
      (c) 2015 Armin Audio B.V. under exclusive license to Armada Music B.V.

      -- The Anthem 2003 | Opus 17 | L.E.D. There Be Light | 7 Instead Of 8 --

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    • We know we are gonna debate this so might as well get ze topic rollin'. Thanks to Roth for the link, here's Armada's promo post:…new-artist-album-embrace/

      GRAMMY® nominated artist Armin van Buuren creates a huge stir whenever he releases a new track, song, remix, DJ-mix, or, in the case of his last critically acclaimed LP, a full-length studio album. Electronic dance music fans and mainstream music-lovers alike gravitated to Armin’s last album, INTENSE (Armada Music), which included the GRAMMY® nominated single, “This Is What It Feels Like” featuring Trevor Guthrie. Armin is now thrilled to announce his sixth and latest full-length studio album, EMBRACE (Armada Music), to be released on October 29th. The graphic design and iconography for EMBRACE were created by renowned photographer, film and music video director, Anton Corbijn.

      Said Armin van Buuren: “After “76”, “Shivers”, “Imagine”, “Mirage”, and “Intense”, I went for another album title that consist of only one word: “EMBRACE”! The idea was to “EMBRACE” several different instruments and sounds, and incorporate them into my sound. I hope my fans will “EMBRACE” this new chapter in my life. I loved working with Anton on the cover for the album. It is nothing short of an honor, and I’m really glad to see how well it turned out.”

      Said Anton Corbijn: “I photographed Armin with the idea to modify the public perception of him and of what he is creating. He is such a nice guy, so I worked on giving him a bit more edge visually and created images that hold a mix of references to Sgt. Pepper and Mad Max. Playful stuff basically. Apt for a versatile DJ who adores music and travels the world.”

      When Armin van Buuren puts his energy into a full studio album, a world tour, a music video or a nightclub performance, he attracts the most accomplished, like-minded professionals in the creative space. To wit, the boundless Anton Corbijn is responsible for capturing the visual images of EMBRACE. Over the years, Corbijn’s enduring photographs have included those of Keith Richards, U2, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Robert De Niro, Kate Moss, Clint Eastwood and countless other cultural and artistic icons in a photographic career that’s spanned four decades. For Armin, an album is a full-body experience and a total work of art. With EMBRACE, Armin aims to shatter his previous artistic boundaries and push himself ever higher.

      The first single from EMBRACE is “Another You” featuring the vocals of multi-Platinum recording artist, Mr. Probz. To date, “Another You” has surpassed 40 million streams and the single continues to gain momentum on radio and television across the world. The official music video for “Another You” has been watched more than 5 million times on YouTube.

      A staple for hungry club and festival-goers all during the summer of 2015, “Another You” is the radio-friendly song that consistently elicits thrilled reactions. With an attention-seizing strummed intro and the unmistakable vocals of Dutch singer/songwriter/rapper Mr. Probz, “Another You” has audiences gleefully singing-alone every time Armin – or another DJ – hits “play” on the song.

      Armin van Buuren’s EMBRACE studio album will be released on October 29th 2015.
      “Another You” feat. Mr. Probz is available on all major digital services through
      Pre-order the CD here:

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    • Artwork inspired by New World Punx? Not loving the mumbo-jumbo speech about combining worlds in the beginning, that's getting very old Armin.

      As for the track itself, I don't feel any Sander in it, more like W&W in 2011ish you know > Trigger and that sort of tracks. I have heard worse from Armin, I'll give them that but it doesn't excite me either. Especially that Trouse part following the "Trancey" break. Not a horrible collab considering Armin's standards nowadays and Hardwell's standards since forever, but not spending money on this, obviously.

      Won't surprise me if the tracks on EMBRACE will lean between this and Another You. If that's the defining style for this album, expect my wallet and headphones to stay miles away from it. I doubt there will even be something like LSBH or WAO138 on it this time around. Now I gave up on Armin albums a long time ago but what sucks is that the tracks will include Benno and while Benno is co-producing Armin albums feat. lots of stuff I don't like, he's not producing a second Rank 1 album... That s*cks imo. :pardon:

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    • I fear this track would be also on the album.

      So far Another You is my favorite although a bit poppy (i love the remixes of Headhunters (for the bigroomers), Ronsky Speed (for the 138ers) and CID (For the love of highpitched vocals making every cheesy popsong better :P )
      The tracklister, the listener, the critic, the collector and maker of messed up art.

    • ^ Highly likely to be included. Fits the "new chapter in my music" bill perfectly.

      Am I the only one that would expect this album to be about Pop or Rock if I had never heard about AvB before? The black/white look, the title, the fact Armin is in a completely wrecked car with shades and (probably a leather) jacket whilst there are instruments scattered across the roof. Imo it doesn't have a "Dance music" feeling to it. I mean compare it with this:

      You just KNOW Harmonia is going to be a spacey/melodic/deep affair. Though to be fair you could say that in both cases, you know exactly what you are gonna get so kudos Armin. :P

      Shame though, when I watched this:

      I could only wonder what would happen if they poured that kind of effort and "Synthesis DNA bonding" into a NON-mainstream dance track...

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    • Out of curiosity I went to check out the Trance.fix forum about this album. I've had a good laugh and quite some Deja vu's!

      Stuff like this reminds me of the infinite cold-hard-truth that Ericc B would dish out back on the ASOT forum. Anything he'd post about Armin, Ferry, Markus, Orkidea, Trance, or dance music in general was always SO spot-on. This post might lack that sharp edge Ericc would sometimes harness so classy, but comes close.

      Then there's stuff like this and this, bringing some needed balance to the cliched Armin-The-Eternal-Nice-Guy vs. Tiesto-The-Eternal-Douchebag competition.

      And finally there's stuff like this, which can still -literally- make me laugh out loud (and it did :lol: )

      Only thing I disagree with in this thread is the hatred for the album cover. Like I said it looks to me like something a Pop or Rock artist would do. But other than that there is nothing "annoying" about imo. Though I can Imagine the color scheme isn't up people's alleys :lol:

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    • Of course :sun: Where else could I find such accurate tracklist information?

      01. Armin van Buuren ft. Mr Probz - Another You
      02. Armin van Buuren & Hardwell - Off The Hook
      03. Armin van Buuren & Afrojack - Cool
      04. Armin van Buuren & DVBBS - Wow
      05. Armin van Buuren & Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike vs DVBBS & Borgeous - Super
      06. Armin van Buuren & Martin Garrix - Plants
      07. Armin van Buuren & Andrew Rayel - Aetherya
      08. Rising Star vs Betsie Larkin - I Want To Get Inside You
      09. Gaia - Alea Iacta Est
      10. Gaia - Manus Manum Lavat
      11. Armin van Buuren - EMBRACE

      :lol: :haha:

      -- The Anthem 2003 | Opus 17 | L.E.D. There Be Light | 7 Instead Of 8 --
    • Razormane wrote:

      Of course :sun: Where else could I find such accurate tracklist information?

      10. Gaia - Manus Manum Lavat

      ?( :lol:

      Also, Plants... took some time until I realized it's a play on Animals :haha:

      On a serious note: my expectations are below zero. Another You started off decent, but I grew tired of it very soon (unlike TIWIFL, which I can still dig when I'm in the right mood). Off The Hook sounds like an unfinished Hardwell track that Armin tried to complete with a generic "Gaia'esque" breakdown. The other instrumentals (if there are any) can't be worse, but I fear the vocals will be even cheesier than AY.

      Furtermore, I'd like to add that IF Armin is trying to appeal to a mainstream audience, he should take the "deep house" route. The noisefest is over. Heck, even Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike and Calvin Harris ditched their hammer tunes.
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    • Rothma wrote:

      Furtermore, I'd like to add that IF Armin is trying to appeal to a mainstream audience, he should take the "deep house" route. The noisefest is over. Heck, even Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike and Calvin Harris ditched their hammer tunes.

      Interesting observation. Not up to date with either DV&LM or Harris but that "Deep House" route is a style of currently commercial Dance music which you won't be regretting 10 years from now. Maybe he has collaborated with Lost Frequencies like you already pondered? But if not it's curious why Armin sticks with this hard stuff.

      In the end it doesn't matter though. The big waste here is that two wise, knowledgeable, talented producers spend two years on producing ever more Armada Hype Spam Machine fuel.

      In the meantime another artist I used to admire a lot half a decade ago has started scoring some points again! I listened to Leon Bolier's WSTLNDR album yesterday and you know what? He has earned a lot of my respect again. Though I had partially come to understand Bolier's decision to move away from Trance, I was not keen on his anti-attitude towards it at one point (which was being caused by the so-called purists, I know but I still felt he could have stayed above them). His album however doesn't waste time on attitude or big words: it has many melancholic, minimalistic, atmospheric, funky and dreamy soundscapes which on the one hand seem to be a continuation of the Bolier spirit from Phantasma, whilst at the same time taking his trademark melodies and sounds into a whole new refreshing direction. Atmostopia runs from 110 to 124 BPM, soit's some 15 BPM slower than his previous album?

      Yet Bolier nails it again, in his own unique way. And that's what I love the most about this album, that unique Bolier sound albeit a bit different. It's like meeting up with an old friend who has new stories to share with you and is set to make new memories with you. Leon said that from now on, his WSTLNDR guise would be the project for tunes that extend from his original sounds, whereas his singles would be the bigroom/dancefloor-heavy oriented material. I say this is a division of styles that #wins: the probability of a WSTLNDR release being up my street is so much higher than that of a Bolier release. And somehow productions from people you (used to) admire always sound that bit more special... Remember Anahera? :sun:

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    • Check this:

      You can tell that the 13th track ends just over the hour mark. A CD can hold 79 minutes so there's probably 17 minutes left and the bar with wave forms continues outside of what we can see in this snapshot. So probably a 16-track album or perhaps even 18 tracks, all around radio length. More evidence that this is going to be a highly electronic-poppy/bigroomy affair.

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    • Not sure this is the best sound-quality but I'll try to give my first impression:

      I have to admit, bar the Bigroom climaxes & #Trancefamily MCing, that I am positively surprised about this one. Breakdown melodies/general atmosphere and instruments are great, main lead works well and packs a punch and even that mega-rough synth at 0:32 sounds weird in a good way. I also hear pad/choir chops ala Mirage/Orbion so that's a sweet touch! I hope this one is about 7 minutes long (in the past I could easily have hoped for 8-10 and Armin would have delivered that) in its album form.

      Imo this beats Intense the title track. Hope that it will survive replays on my end when it becomes available. Not better than Stardust but like with that track, I feel this is typically (post-Tuvan/Gaia-)Armin, not some Hardwell/Garrix/*insert random BP Top 100 bigshot Bigroom Meister*. I actually expected Embrace to be like Another You!

      Fair is fair Armin, this sounds pretty good imo. :yes:

      -- The Anthem 2003 | Opus 17 | L.E.D. There Be Light | 7 Instead Of 8 --
    • Soooooo... a trumpet? ?(The combo doesn't sound as bad as I 'd expect it would. It has potential to become a nice/good track if it follows the same structure as Mirage, i.e. trancy intro - orchestral breakdown - back to trance. Hope it doesn't turn out to be another EDM-Bohemian Rhapsody like Intense.

      At least I can call this trance.
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