ASOT 750 Anthem Contest

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    • Breakdown is nice. The "trumpet" gives an original twist. Main lead is quite generic and not anthem'esque at all imo. Oh, there's a second (longer) breakdown. Makes the first breakdown kinda useless. I feel that Bobina made this track with Embrace in the back of his mind. All in all, not a bad production, just not anthem-worthy.

      The build-up is just not my thing. Again, nice breakdown. The main lead has a similar anthem'esque vibe as New Horizons and Togeder ( :lol: ). his big room stuff is deffo NOT an anthem for ASOT.

      Gaiaaddict wrote:

      Typical Portoculture track with a big room sauce. It doesn't really have an anthem-feel imo.

      Gaiaaddict wrote:

      For the first time, the wildcard manages to deliver a proper anthem track. Last 2 times it were generic uplifters. The breakdown is maybe a tad too long for an ASOT anthem, but 's okay. Cool track!

      Gaiaaddict wrote:

      Ben Gold:
      The build features some nice elements. The popping arpeggio reminds me of Forever Today :sun: . But then there's the main melody... just a Skyfire 3.0 -_- Just as KhoMha's entry, this one falls in line with New Horizons and Together.

      Gaiaaddict wrote:

      Of course, there had to be an uplifter as well. Nope, this is not for me :thumbdown:

      Overall, Freigeist is my favorite. However, I'm not gonna bother voting, as this contest is just another fraud. Like last 2 times, the winner is already chosen. My gut feeling tells me it's gonna be Ben Gold, though Armin's recent praise for KhoMha wasn't very subtile as well. :hm:
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    • So, Ben Gold wins.

      Out of all the entries I liked Freigeist the best but even then I still lack a "real anthem feeling". Ben Gold/Khoma/Bobina all sound too typically cliched Bigroom (with melancholia elements where applicable). Have yet to check Proto, not sure if I'll even bother with Photographer.

      Degga as anthem, yeah... Right. :lol: :haha:

      In the mean time S.E.D. keeps longing down from its lonely height for yet another year it seems :sex:

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