Gaia - Inyathi [Armind] [2016]

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    • Gaia - Inyathi [Armind] [2016]


      Oh, what a meteoric rise it's been. Supported by a number of timeless, highly-acclaimed, and devastating tracks, the mysterious cloaked duo known only as 'Gaia' managed to convert so many of the Trance enthusiasts to their way of thinking, their way of life, and their way of music. But although such a legacy must be cherished, that doesn't mean one cannot strengthen it any further.

      Hand-picked by Armin van Buuren himself to be the first instant gratification of his mint 'A State Of Trance 2016' compilation, 'Inyathi' leads the charge on the rest of the global crowds in an attempt to reel them in to its side with stomping beats and soul-nourishing melodies. What started with '4 Elements' and saw its fire re-lit through 'Tuvan' picked up pace through magical creations such as 'Empire Of Hearts' and 'Carnation', only to continue the rampage through 'Inyathi'. Expect a true dance floor stampede whenever this one hits.


      Label: Armind (Armada) (Cat#ARMD1272)
      Release Date: 2016-04-15
      Purchase Link:
      01. BPM: 135 | A_Min | 07:22 |

      Additional Info:
      Written and produced by Armin van Buuren & Benno de Goeij.
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    • Gaiaaddict wrote:

      No Razor, i can already tell this might be even the best Gaiatrack since SED. :shout: HOLY F*CK!!!datgaiatrack

      I just listened to it twice and I must say I am very surprised! This sounds like the track In Principio could and should have been: similar build-up, similar referencing the older Anthem Trance (albeit In Principio was shamelessly "Sixma-fied" somewhere between 2014-2015, killing the mysterious darkness from that initial Ultra 2014 debut :negative:) Anyway, here's my initial thoughts on Inyathi:

      + It sounds like an actual Armin+Benno collab, instead of a Sixma/W&W/Orjan clone. Build-up is full of signature Benno sounds (FINALLY) :yahoo:
      + I fully approve of the Classic Anthem Trance inspired direction they have decided to take Gaia in. Looks like Anahera's ripples continue to spread across the scene!
      (As for the actual track:)
      + It's a respectable 7:26 minutes long, instead of the non-sensical under 6 minutes standards recent Gaia's have fallen to...
      + The deep tech synth stutter! The percussion! That glitched vox that says Inyathi! The Classic synths in the breakdown!
      + Bar the climaxing snares, they have pretty much stayed away from the Bigroom Festival Noises.
      + Breakdown is SO trademark pre-Pop-Armin!

      - There is just something about the melody that's a wee bit... lacking for me. Can't put my finger on it. Might grow on me over time though!

      All in all, most solid Gaia I've heard since S.E.D.. I say 4/5 based on two listens so far.

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    • Its a 7/10 for me. It has a solid buildup, quite uplifting too, but the melody is somewhat been there done that simplistic, and by now I expect more from Armin and Benno, who seem unable to come up with something extraordinary (sorry Razor). Still tons better than the crap fest that were IP and Carnation.
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    • Why sorry? :D You rate it just a wee bit below what I did and my only criticism was the same as yours (melody). And if I look at the amount of tracks I've liked from them between 2008-2011 and compare that to 2012-2015, it is not hard to conclude that generally speaking their collab-qualities have fallen drastically. Occasionally guilty pleasure aside (Embrace, Ping Pong) the drought of enjoyable tracks is drier than the Sahara :lol: In that sense, Inyathi is by far their best team-up in recent years for me. The days they consistently delivered tracks and remixes for me to enjoy are over. But I knew that a long time ago.

      And honestly, I'll take a 1000 Inyathi's over one Embrace album ANY day :sun: Just my 2cts of course.

      -- The Anthem 2003 | Opus 17 | L.E.D. There Be Light | 7 Instead Of 8 --
    • Melody works for me though, i love the mellownes of it, feels so refreshing after hearing all those medievallike melodies from all the previous Gaia's bar 4 Elements and In Principio.

      Must say this one is really growing on me, i love this even more then In Principio (the 2014 version) and maybe my TOTY 2009 Tuvan? :pardon:
      The tracklister, the listener, the critic, the collector and maker of messed up art.

    • Okay, after hearing it in the ASOT top 25 and Yearmix 2016. I'm gonna confess that this is definitely my personal favorite Gaiatrack till date! :bravo: Eventhough it isn't my TOTY unlike Tuvan. (but that says enough about how much i like Amber and Game Changer aswell)

      However, this track keeps my name high. :blink:
      The tracklister, the listener, the critic, the collector and maker of messed up art.