Timewave - Star City [PHW Elements] [2016]

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    • Timewave - Star City [PHW Elements] [2016]

      DESCRIPTION For the release this week we are heading off to Finland, as we are delighted to see a very welcome return on the label from none other than Timewave. For those of you being around for a few years, know he's been delivering some truly memorable music in different genres such as progressive trance, house and breaks to mention some. We on the label has always had a huge crush for the progressive breaks genre so when Antii contacted us about this production, we of course took it on with open arms.

      "Star City" is a great blend of progressive breaks and also super cool textures from the trance genres as well, bringing a truly special sound to the verge here. It has that trademark Timewave sound, so all of you out there, searching for something that these days is a truly rare thing has another masterpiece from this talented artist. We are so happy to see him back on the scene once again!

      On remix duty, you will see a great variety of sounds, taking it to different places in the genre of progressive, with German based LoQuai taking his share of the cake, and making another massive re-take. This one also getting a rub in the breaks genre, where he is one of the best, and has so been for well over a decade now. He blends great drum patterns with thick and groovy basslines, warm pads and all those cool effects that builds a truly hypnotizing feel and journey.

      Another return on the label is from US bound breaks producer, Cullen who once more delivers together with us on PHW Elements. He's pulled the trigger right from the start and built another impressive production for us, this as many time before on the market as a progressive breaks production. He also plays the cards so well, with truly smooth depth in the track, sparkling pads that builds amazing textures that works so well. He is definitely one to watch if progressive breaks is your thing!

      The last remix this time is from a veteran when it comes to music production, as one of Italy's finest producer join back in the family and we are delighted to see Matteo Monero on the label for the 2nd time. He's used his creativity once again and delivers a deep/tech inspired progressive house rendition on this lovely original and takes a very different tweak on it. It is dark, deep and dirty, all in the same package and we do feel a lot of you is to go for this one when it comes to have music for your sets, it is sparkling and alive, that is the least we can say.


      1. Timewave - Star City (Original Mix)
      2. Timewave - Star City (Loquai Remix)
      3. Timewave - Star City (Cullen Remix)
      4. Timewave - Star City (Matteo Monero Remix)

      ARTISTS Loquai, Cullen, Matteo Monero, Timewave
      RELEASE DATE 2016-06-01
      LABELS PHW Elements

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