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    • @Lar: I. HATE. That. Temple. It's been 19 years and I STILL hate it with a vengeance.
      @Rok: We got Horizon Zero Dawn for bro! But he hasn't played it yet... :v

      As for myself: I finished Super Metroid last night 8''''||| WARNING: spoilers below
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      What can I say? When you've waited so long to play a game it's surreal to hold in your hands and actually play it. The ironic thing is that the very first hour I played, I was almost... Disappointed? I had waited SO DAMN FRIGGIN LONG that once the moment was there, it felt weird. Luckily, that feeling subsided when I continued the next day. The first thing I noticed was the speed of some enemies and my rather rusty reflexes! This wasn't going to be a walk in the park... :lol:

      The Intro Alone!
      The next thing I noticed instantly however was the way this game knows how to build suspense/tension... Ceres colony is attacked RIGHt from the off. The first three/four rooms you enter lead you to none other than Ridley from pretty much the get-go! The stakes are high here! Next you escape Ceres as it blows up and you give chase to Ridley, taking you to Zebes for a second time. You land and start exploring in the opposite direction from Zero Mission. At first, there are only these crawly bugs around the screen that can't and don't reach you and scatter as you approach. You make your way down through the way you escaped Tourian in Zero Mission/I. THere is nothing or no one here. You see the room where Mother Brain was defeated. No one there either. You move further until an elevator takes you to the iconic First Room. Grab the Morph Ball and suddenly some eye-cam spots you and -as it turns out- alerts the Space Pirates that you are here. You collect some more power-ups and once you take the elevator back up, suddenly the whole place is booming with life and Pirates everywhere, AAAAAH!! But imagine this being your first playthrough in '94, after you had gone through the first two Metroid games... What a starting ambiance! And it goes on.

      Bosses & Areas
      From Brinstar's Jungle area to the scorching caverns of Norfair, from the eerie Wrecked Ship to the annoying water/quicksand mess that is Miridia... The graphics are still beautiful after all these years. The enemies as iconic as the names and areas they inhabit (and also much more aggressive than their Fusion/Zero Mission appearances). The bosses stand out too, be it by their haunting themes like the Spore Boss or the plottwist in the battle with Crocomire. Ridley and Kraid were awesome to face in Zero Mission (wish I could say the same when I played the NES version on GBA but it was a lesser experience, sorry Hardcore '80s gamers!) and having at least three more bosses like that in this game adds to its Legendary Standing among the Metroid Fanbase though honestly... F*CK DRAYGON. That asshat really took me all I had :lol: And Ridley was also a LOT tougher than I remember he was in Fusion/Zero Mission. And then the final battle with Mother Brain... I kinda hate myself for having spoilered that battle for myself back in 2007 or 2008. I guess I never expected to be able to play Super Metroid anyway (had not experienced the virtue of second-hand purchases back then)... Regardless. Imagine having played the first two Metroid games, then you go through this one and you reach the final battle only for you to be stunned by Mother Brain's Hyperbeam. As she goes in for the kill and there is nothing you can do to move Samus out of harm's way, the Metroid Hatchling rushes in to save your life as she drains Mother Brain's life energy and then transfers it on to you. What follows next must have been one of the most heartbreaking moments in gaming at that moment in time... Prime 1 and Fusion made me fan of this series... But it could very well have been Super Metroid!

      Power-ups, bruh!
      Of course gaining all those iconic power-ups was hella fun too! There is something liberating about acquiring the Ice Beam, be it in Prime 1, Zero Mission or even Fusion where you don't get it until the very last minutes of the game (what's the point... Though I guess the Ice Missles did their job pretty well before that :lol:). And getting the Space Jump followed by the Screw Attack always means you are about to get down to business! As for "new items". This was my first experience with the Grapple Beam in a 2D Metroid game. Had a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. The X-Ray visor was a very handy tool though, loved the fact it revealed secrets without costing you anything (unlike the Powerbombs in Fusion/ZM). Was weird however, to be able to turn OFF your power-ups... So at the end of the game I can just decide to turn off my Gravity Suit? WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT :lol: Still pretty cool though.

      The Music
      Aaaaah, Brinstar Overgrown Area has to be my favorite in the whole game!! Never expected there to be such an epic unknown-to-me-till-now Metroid theme out there! Kraid and Ridley's themes brought back some ZM memories but was most shocked to find out that Brinstar's Red Soil Theme was used in Metroid Prime 2 for the Torvus Bog's underwater section whilst Metroid Prime 1's Magmoor Caverns was based on Super Metroid's Lower Norfair Theme! :ohmy: :ohmy: It's weird to actually hear the source (and see the source) of the many future Metroid games I played prior to this one. At the same time, it makes the circle complete. And again, it clarifies why Super Metroid is considered the Holy Entry in the series by many fans. As far as lesser themes go... Wasn't a fan of one of the themes in Maridia and the final battle theme was also pretty meh (sorry, I know I am spoiled as f*ck but listen to either of the Emperor Ing Themes in Prime 2, Metroid Prime's first final boss theme or Dark Samus' theme and then shoot me for not feeling this one (come to think of it, Fusion's final battle theme was meh too... Mostly because it was a theme used for those "let's get the job done" moments inbetween missions)...

      A Classic game and a MUST-PLAY for anyone that considers themselves a fan of the Metroid series. It's impact could probably have been bigger had I played it before Fusion and Zero Mission but that's just the way it went for me. I do have to add however, that as much as I enjoyed this game, and as influential as it was at the time... Playing a third 3D Metroid in this graphic style (further enhanced in F/ZM) is enough for me. I am glad that Samus Returns adopts a completely different style because a 4th game in these graphics comes very close to stagnation imo. Heck, maybe that sense of disappointment on my first Super Metroid play had to do with things being a bit TOO familiar. I know, don't blame the game for me experiencing it all in a "wrong order" but even so. The 2D side of the franchise would not ever move forward if it had continued on this path. So with all due respect to the AM2R project (the footage I saw did look slightly slicker than ZM but there is only so far you can take that), I am glad Samus Returns did not use that graphic style and I hope Nintendo will continue the 2D side of the franchise in that 2.5D style, hopefully fully stylized for the Switch or 3DS' successor. As for Super Metroid: it has stood the test of time and if it weren't for nostalgia, I'd rate it on equal foot with Prime 1 (my fave Metroid game ever) and above Fusion. In its own right it's MIGHTY FINE though! 9/10

      PS. if only I KNEW I wasn't supposed to save beyond the first save station I could have backtracked to pump my 70% item acquistion rate to 100% *cries in Metroid chirps*. Aw well. Perfect excuse to start over and soak in all that atmosphere, WITHOUT the aimless "what do I do now?" moments :D

      Now to focus my attention on Metroid Prime 3 before I use Federation Force and Other M as fillers to my Samus Returns hunger... :nyam:

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      I honestly haven't been THIS exciting for a new game since... The Mass Effect Trilogy? After I completed Super Metroid a couple of weeks back, I jumped on Metroid Fusion again. And it was nostalgia all over the place. I still love that game to bits and the way it tries to scare the shit out of you on a regular basis.

      If they were ever to rework it, I do hope they polish/add a few things. WARNING, spoilers below!
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      Additional info on the research being done at BSL ala Metroid Prime Space Pirate Facilities
      In Prime games you never speak with Space Pirates: they bother you all the time and you whoop their asses in response. What made the whole idea of scanning the Prime worlds so cool was that it gave you insights into what the SP were up to. Beside many logs being hilarious ("Metroids are not pets, Metroids are not for target practice"), they also revealed to what lengths the SP would go to strenghten themselves. You instantly understood why they had to be stopped.

      In Fusion, the Federation shows their most shady side yet with the Metroid Breeding Program and even their plan to capture the SA-X as well as the X species (won't add Other M to the equation here since I am having trouble considering it cannon for all the continuity problems it poses for the whole series). The Federation is no better than the Space Pirates they combat, to a certain degree. And that's fine but story-wise I feel this could be emphasized more strongly. The Federation (or this extremist segment of theirs anyway) should be portrayed for the evil they really are. Plus it makes for a good foundation for Metroid 5...

      The final phase of the game reveals there would be 10 SA-X aboard the station: you never run into 9 of them though!
      I am going to guess that they never implemented story-unscripted SA-X roaming the station post Restricted Lab Destruction because you could then acquire the Ice Beam during a random encounter rather than the pen-ultimate battle but... By that time in the game it wouldn't really matter whether you have the Ice Beam once you've been told by Adam that you will be needing to answer for your "crime" or by the time it redeems itself and sides with you. And heck, all the other SA-X came from the original one sent to containment. That partiuclar SA-X should still be the pen-ultimate boss and the only one to have the final Core-X of the game. Other than that though I wish you could be running into the clones as you back track all the sectors for the final power-ups. In that vein...

      Make SA-X encounters more frequent as the story progresses!
      What's worse than encnountering one SA-X prior to obtaining the Gravity Suit/Wave Beam? Exactly, encountering TWO right after each other in such a manner that you realize there would have to be TWO of them hunting you at the very same time! Back when I played this game I was 13. Each SA-X encounter bar the last two freaked me out. For real! Nothing in the game was scarier than running into your scary, overpowered doppelganger. Sadly though, that effect wore off with each new playthrough and as I grew older. The time factor played a part as well, as you grow older and as you know what to expect, the surprise factor wears out. Especially when you realize that the SA-X was pretty "dumb". You would only get killed by it if YOU f*cked up. So Big N... If you rework Fusion...

      Please make the SA-X a bigger menace, make it a REAL Horror experience!
      Give it a smarter AI. If it hears you and starts to give chase but isn't able to see you, let it leave the room and wait you up in the next room if you chase right after it in the next 20 seconds. Allow it to do a 180 degree free aim clearing of the area with its Iced Wave Beam in case you might be hiding in a tunnel above it. And make the encounters RANDOM. It keeps the SA-X Fear Factor intact that way and makes each Fusion replay scary because you know that bar the opening and ending phase of the game, you can encounter it anywhere, at anytime. Let the SA-X be the one(s) to destroy all the Data Rooms rather than the B.O.X. Robot, Nightmare or random Core X.

      Make the Sectors a wee bit bigger...
      Maybe even add some parts that aren't directly relevant to the story but with fun little references to previous games or the series' overall lore. Maybe add a map somewhere of the Metroid Universe, including all previous locations Samus visited (Tallon IV, Aether, Alimbic Cluster, Bryyo, Elysia, Pirate Homeworld, Norion etc). Add logfiles about Samus and the Federation's (shifting) perception of her or bounty hunters in general. Chunk those extra bits full with power-ups (make each missile expansion add 3 so you can collect more). Make them in such a way that players might have to combine their already acquired power-ups. Just make the game last a little longer because even for a Metroid game, it was rather short...

      End phase music
      Once the Restricted Laboratory is launched, you have that "Get to work Samus" theme playing. The next time you enter a Navigation room, Adam changes its mind and sides with you, ordering you to self-destruct the Station. From that point onward you have that "Everything will be alright" kind of tune playing. Please remove those tracks that those points and replace them with new themes, in the post Lab-destruction use a Sector 1 Remix: let's not forget you run into Ridley in this segment and also, Samus just "fucked up bigtime" so there should be a more "problematic" theme playing than the "get to work" one. Replace the "resolution" theme with something more cool/blood-pumping that morphs into the SA-X chase theme if you run into a random SA-X.

      The only thing I disliked about the end phase of the game is that when you backtrack for dat 100% completion score you don't get the original sectors' themes or something that's cooler than what plays now. Especially if you didn't know before-hand that all Sectors are interconnected through various other parts, not just the main NavigationRoom/SaveStation/RechargeStation segments and thus got the final briefing music before backtracking.

      Final Battle Music
      And ffs give the Omega Metroid its own theme! For all I care a warped version of the series' main theme!

      But yeah, if they don't rework Fusion (I honestly think they will in the future, I just hope Sakamoto doesn't turn it into Other M II) or if they don't add things similar to what I described above, I'll still love the original game. Alongside Prime, it was my first venture into the world of Metroid and it was a joy to play then and it still is a joy to play today.'

      What's next though?? Still got Prime 3 to complete! After that I have Other M & Federation Force as fillers for the rest of the month... Do I go and complete Metroid II before I get Samus Returns? *thoughts emoji* Or do I pick-up Zero Mission and/or Prime 1 again? *thoughts emoji* Do I complete my second Super Metroid playthrough?

      Or do I do something else lol

      The possibilities are endless in this Summer Of Metroid(tm) 8-)

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    • I bought Andromeda for my brother, he played it and sis and I would watch. All three of us got some good entertainment out of it. As far as I could judge it might have been below the trilogy but still a solid 80/100 type of game. Still have to play it myself of course but once I've had my Summer Of Metroid fix, and I've completed Fire Emblem: Awakening, I'm looking forward to giving that game a shot. 8|
    • Soul Calibur II (Gamecube Version) I am Ivy!!

      Edit: OMG I just realized something! 2016 was the 20th Anniversary of the N64 I got mine right when it came out in 2006 for Christmas and I have had it 22 years and I just turned it on and works perfectly! I dont care what anybody says that is the greatest console that has ever been made it beats all of these new ones by a mile. That means The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time has been out 21 years and the greatest game that has ever been made as well. It just doesn't seem possible that it was that long ago. WHAT IN THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Current Favorite: Cornucopia - Letter For Poly
      Time Machine
      Darkboy Sessions

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