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  • Razormane -

    Good job coming back after months-long absence there Bastian lol

  • Razormane -

    Sup 8|

  • Gaiaaddict -

    Happy birthday! : D

  • Razormane -

    Happy birthday Rothie 8|

  • Razormane -

    *looks at your banjo*

    *judges you*

  • Razormane -

    Revane mister, read it while it's hot:…hma/&postID=5311#post5311

  • Razormane -

    Revane mister, read it while it's not (lol):…hma/&postID=5219#post5219

  • Razormane -

    What happened to your Banjo :hm:

  • Razormane -

    Revane mister, read it while it's hot:…hma/&postID=4825#post4825

    • Rok -

      why hot. sorry. did you cook (great act) review on here mr m (yes/no). tell me where the hot is coming from im finding this interesting. time will tell.

    • Razormane -

      Did you work today mr r (No / No)


  • Razormane -

    Revane mister, read it while it's hot:…hma/&postID=4739#post4739

  • Razormane -

    Qas Day |8

  • Razormane -

    LOL! You posted your Best Tracks Of 2016 So Far just two minutes before I posted mine :lol:

  • Razormane -

    What if I told you...

    To view a view you had already viewed? |8…hma/&postID=4286#post4286

  • Razormane -

    Atlantis or M^5 there is flippin difference mr MOD

  • Razormane -

    Should be 13:18 where you are now. Please tell us all what's been happening. And how you became M^5

  • Razormane -

    It all started with:

    Gaiaaddict have you got a life or just addicted to this forum that you killed. Please tell us all what's been happening. And how you became Gaiaaddict

    Ah 2 views only. How?

    Use why does Gaiaaddict never acknowledge your presence here.

    I wonder if crankyfranky number 1 fan will be out of bed in 04.00 in morning to listen to show

    Gaiaaddict where is crankyfranky tonight. Not like you to be chatting to yourself is it. Lol

    I always knew you would be here. Gaiaaddict is the man.

    Gaiaaddict make your signature and page bigger not enough sh!t on it already

    How did the rest convince you to change your profile. Tell us how


    Why you still not joined pure yet

    Why you never chat to

    Alot longer on here than you. You just ignore her every week

    Time will tell Gaiaaddict.

    I heard you called me a creepy guy also Gaiaaddict

    They can't see you

    Gaiaaddict do you ever chat on here anymore or just tracklist. Tell us how you "really" came to be on here. Lol

    Who am I upsetting just having fun like you are.

    Here Johnny blacky

    Blacky a mod on here. Decisions made through him

    Brilliant this. Just like yourself

    Great name. Lol

    Worldwide audience

    Gaiaaddict did you not see Armin in May in Holland

    You too need to get a bed. Love birds

    Not same as seeing live

    Your more Dutch than I'm German

    Car alarms my man


    Yes it is.

    No way man. Yours boring though did you give it away free

    Does it not put you to sleep

    Car alarm is boring like you now

    Im not good as you pal. I wish I was though

    Crankyfranky sleeping is he. It is 04.30 in Tokyo

    Friday night at Freddie's

    Who is Rob? I'll ask a MOD

    No Colina mate just for you. How did you become Mod on here would love to apply also

    No Nana

    How much did you cry? ????? To MOD

    Your awake. Wow

    What was it like. Lol being there in a state with want to be MOD of this forum


    Come on Gaiaaddict do better than that. What was it like crying telling everyone you where sorry

    Nothing wrong with that. 2 meat and veg

    How did the Mods take it at first. Lol

    I feel sorry for you also what happened. Difficult situation but all came good once the team got it sorted. But it did backfire as some us know

    You ain't a troll but just a bull sh!tter to everyone that knows you

    Did you come up with car alarm. I heard you did

    Your collection is MASSIVE.

    How's pure coming along Gaiaaddict do you trust everyone on it?

    How long did you cry for?

    Should be called WE CAN CRY. LOL

    Tune of the year stuff

    Was it not played in Holland.

    Fixed like yourself

    How is you keeping now once you explained your situation out to the MODS

    Always will have a soft spot for any MOD of this forum.

    How was registration closed?

    Get it right it's Colina won't tell you again or I'll cry.

    Ok you got me. What's it like not being really you

    Time always tells Gaiaaddict. I hope you are happy for what you did on here many many lies from you but I'm abiding my time

    Hi Coxx in a box how's you

    You know him better than all of us

    So happy for you but don't cry and lie like you used to

    He is online. You should know

    Sure am just like yourself I won't cry though. Lol

    How to ruin a classic track. Did this make you cry. Lol

    Do you know Bastian?

    Not as good as Aurosonic though. Was it Gaiaaddict

    Gaiaaddict are you 17 or 18 years old?

    Brilliant track name

    Gaiaaddict how's your DeviantArt account coming along?

    Been collecting car alarms since you where 12?

    Lol it tells alot of info about you. And what age are you on DeviantArt? I hear to conflicting ages

    138 should be banned

    How did you come about Fame or Shame name topic? Did crying come up with it

    Crankyfranky why you not joined pure.

    It's been quiet on here tonight where is everyone

    Where is Roth the MOD

    Come please cry to me. I'll sort it out Gaiaaddict lying to everyone and saying how sorry you are. I'll get the wanna be MODS OF this forum to sort it in the meantime

    15 minutes to go. Ah well

    You mean what a


    I heard you where alot older than 18. Is this true

    Bastian I heard also you like meeting milestones.

    That's all you heard that's why. Lol

    *Kearney track playing* Brilliant track from a Dutch producer

    Word wide audience *insert stats* 64 geez

    No you mean next Friday. Idiot

    Where is the forum wanna be MODS tonight mate. Has Mains got his account activated yet. I wonder why Stefan ain't done so for him

    Who is Rob?

    Did he not have multiple accounts on here. Yes/No

    You said accused to me. Did you sort this out with this person only still using one account on here . (Yes/No)

    Brilliant idea you both came up with once someone said sorry for all the bull lies etc on this forum to acting wanna be MODS

    This makes me laugh. How long did it take for you to come up with that. Did the rest agree to say this publicly.

    Notifications on pal. You should try it. How is you and Bastian getting along

    Yeah Bastian from Groningen. Lol

    How long did you cry for?

    Quick as lightening as ever Bastian where you waiting all day for that. And why do you reply with Noted or Done? Do you they can't see you have added them

    Noted Roth

    Just for you MOD

    You have already used your skills here. By decides who goes and who stays. ( Yes/No)

    Just for you Gaiaaddict

    Guys ill chat tomorrow going out now have a great night on here.

    What's a fap? Is is Dutch for something

    Our thoughts also from the 1 of dozen or so members on here.

    When are you going to bother updating tracklist on first page Gaiaaddict. No copy paste

    Hopefully be back later. Frampton fight is on

    Waiting also. Pure will have it Coxx

    No no no. No no one is more important than you. Dont let anyone say anything different

    No its Carl Frampton now

    Go to pure Gaiaaddict is on chatting to the rest. Have a bit of fun with them

    Carl Frampton

    He is just like yourself 1 in million. Not many about

    Yeah remember it well. Are you going to meet Gaiaaddict at luminosity. Maybe I will

    Thought you where going to this with your sidekicks also.


    What's wrong with Rayel?

    Silly me should have know that

    He said he did why question him

    King of what?

    Gaiaaddict can't do as copy and paste ain't available tonight. Sorry Coxx. Maybe he will have it up tomorrow for you at some stage. Opened topic still no tracklist

    The refresh button is working good for some of you tonight. Why when there ain't even a tracklist from the Trackmaster himself

    We are all still waiting Gaiaaddict. Let's hope it's soon

    Opened a topic even without listening to a fullset or even bothering doing tracklisting. Oh I could always copy and paste like I do every week

    Why didn't you go Gaiaaddict? Do you not like these djs, ain't far to travel in Holland to see this spectacle event. Are you not even going to luminosity.

    Go join its free become an elite member. Very welcoming site

    You will have loads of time now to join pure. As your on time off plenty of sleep nothing to do today.

    Great excuse?

    Cheers proper way to open any topic full of info

    Struggling with tracklist Bastian are we. You have no problems during a regular EP for some reason.

    Use google

    Are you struggling with tracklist, Bastian?

    What happens if we don't?

    Quick as lightening as always Gaiaaddict wish I had your super powers.

    Gaiaaddict why you not going to this since its in Holland. Have you ever seen Armin play a set live.

    what time does it start ?

    What time is it in Tokyo at minute? Why you not sleeping

    But what time is it in the morning. Have to give it you your Armin's number 1 fan

    Gaia though you where joining Pure tonight's event

    Im so over the moon for you.

    We will here trance.

    Answer the ? or could photographic bring you back to reality

    Banned or ask to leave there is difference.

    He is on planet pluto

    No where on 751 topic get over there

    So that means you say you ain't been by not answering would be silly if found not to be telling truth.

    *so who's the next DJ?* Not you

    13 views during this time must be night time in CET. No views from anyone else in the world. But daylight in Europe it's totally different

    More info coming soon.

    Have to go but will be back later see you all then.

    So you never went to Armin- Imagine concert 2008

    Have you ever been to a Utrecht. (Yes or No) Ain't a trick question

    What is your style, you say never been to a festival so how do you know what's it's about Gaiaaddict.

    So you never met me at Armin Only with alot past members of this forum.

    It's past midnight in your country should be 00.31

    Hi guys will be disappointed if we don't make over 2300 views tonight between the members of this forum.

    Shows how much you love asot. Does it come to Canada every week

    No never,lol met you at Armin only few years back don't you remember me. $140 is normal now so not paying over the odds

    Who's attention am I trying to get. Who posts to there selves on a topic nobody taking part. Duh

    All realise on you Gaiaaddict you have the power. Looking forward to a great night

    Coxx shows how much you care foe Armin not even being at festival in your back garden. Do you even like Armin now?

    Doing great so far on views. Guess why

    You sure you never been to Amsterdam at Armin only

    But you listen to big room fest as you call through your ears. Somehow have no problem in that.

    Duh how long you been listening to asot for 2 weeks to come up with that answer

    So you never met *insert names* and few others that can't just remember at moment. Will come back to me

    Have you ever seen Armin Only or festival in last few years guess not by the way your talking

    Trolling who you said you have never been to Holland to see Armin Only. But I think this is in correct as you have mentioned you have also I have met you at Utrecht.

    Language Mr. No need for that on this forum.

    Gaiaaddict don't be shy now.

    How do you know these are legit members trying to join the forum not not someone doing these.

    Why was forum registration closed fully. Any member who is here should be asking this question nothing else.

    when is ever the right time?

    From a highly respected member of pure. *posts invalid link*

    non member views don't count. only valid members.

    use your eyes looking at wrong topic.

    Explain to how forum registration was closed or you in such denial to fact WHY

    Do you think someone is pulling your leg Mr. A

    why make another topic. Sorry

    now lets see...

    all mcdonald had a farm

    Stefan knows the full story as done what be had to do

    Cheers Roth I always aim to please everyone.

    Sorry to hear that GA. Maybe you should go to your local GP and get it seen too. I heard that this could make you go blind if untreated.

    why would anyone on here *insert random act*

    **x members
    *** views
    it dont add up

    now why is that

    Some of you maybe aware some members of this tight community forum are trying to get me banned on (great site) if not visited I would recommend that you go and see.

    After I post this ill be more than likely banned from

    Over 2000 views on this ep pretty damn good.

    mind telling me what rules i am breaking

    Brilliant Guardian Angel your the man

    : thumbsup:

    if you dont like what a user of this forum. you can to ignore list a simple and very effective function of forum

    care to tell us mr *insert letter*

    did you write this on other forum

    All I'm doing was bringing statistics of views and where they where coming from I see absolute no harm to any member of this forum.

    Unlike to abuse and harm brought by others of pure. There is more to this than you may think. Time will tell

    Great job adding 18 views there Mr. A

    will be back next week with new finding

    tell me where the views come from I'm finding this intresting


    you seem to know everything. please give me diagnosis. would to hear your thoughts

    this could be the most viewed topic of recent times

    hmmmm let me think

    can you not count Roth?

    nearly not as many view as last week's

    why did Raz(o) delete his post


    or are the views just my imagination

    but dont make sob stories to everyone

    how hard is it to copy and paste

    sorry all was away there but back now

    that is not the point stay on topic

    cheers if you think I am. but to let you know I aint

    without me evening defending myself once I asked to be deactivated on pure


    no replies except mine of course

    im not a FAKE unlike some of you

    even a 5 year old could do it

    i aint done nothing wrong

    please get back on topic? not about you

    thanks gaiaaddict and raz top notch blokes

    Post of year Master Roth laugh laugh laugh. AWESOMENESE

    show me the rules I am breaking

  • Razormane -

    "from Small town in the Netherlands near the German border"

    How's borderpatrol MISTER

  • Razormane -

    M^4, I come with new wall comment B|

  • Razormane -

    Prove you Conquer The Moon with Crosbow mr r. Spades. Or are you bluffing about fishing in pond as well? LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH

  • Rok -

    "Conquer The Moon with a Crossbow"

    why moon mr v everyone should be asking that question and nothing else. did you throw dice. or was it something else. fact as to WHY crossbow totally uncalled for bulling moon mr v.

    • Rothma -

      If you don't like what a bulling moon you can always to sun very simple and effective function of galaxy

  • Rok -

    sorry mr v was away there but back now with new finding

  • Razormane -

    Struggling with guestbook post Ernesto are we. You have no problems during a regular week day for some reason.

  • Razormane -

    [quote='Rok','index.php?page=UserGuestbook&userID=7&entryID=427#entry427']Quoted from "Razormane"

    Quoted from "Rok"

    im over the moon for you mr v[/quote]
    [quote='Rok','index.php?page=UserGuestbook&userID=7&entryID=427#entry427']Moon don't count. Only Pluto.
    If you don't like what a moon. Fact as to WHY pluto count. can you not count mr m ? Please show me the rules moon is breaking. or is it something else.[/quote]
    Did you roll dice to come up with that answer DUH. Photographic of dice will bring you back to reality mr r. Don't scare the fish away, would be silly now.

  • Rok -

    [quote='Razormane','index.php?page=UserGuestbook&userID=7&entryID=426#entry426'][quote='Rok','index.php?page=UserGuestbook&userID=7&entryID=423#entry423']im over the moon for you mr v[/quote]
    Moon don't count. Only Pluto.[/quote]If you don't like what a moon. Fact as to WHY pluto count. [size=10]can you not count mr m ?[/size] Please show me the rules moon is breaking. or is it something else.

  • Razormane -

    [quote='Rok','index.php?page=UserGuestbook&userID=7&entryID=423#entry423']im over the moon for you mr v[/quote]
    Moon don't count. Only Pluto.

  • Razormane -

    *Goes to M^4 Profile Paeg*

    *reads About Me:

    [quote] Stay on topic! Not about me[/quote]*

    :lol: :haha: :lol: :haha: :lol: :haha:

  • Rok -

    im over the moon for you mr v

  • Razormane -